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The mosaic of the third millenium


Ilynis Mosaic Digital is a romanian company with private capital, that has the exclusive right of this product in Romania. The Company Ilynis Digital Mosaic is a young society, appeared on the market in Romania, because the company management has seen from the first moment the huge potential of the Mosaic Digital and wishes to come to the aid of architects and the interior designers with a product without limitation for creativity.

The beauty and uniqueness came in package with its versatility and ease in the case of the resin mosaic plates. Color product without boundaries, easy to handle, implemented and maintained. Digital mosaic represents the mosaic millennium III.

Digital mosaic means the product evolved of classic stone mosaic, pottery and glass. Created from resin, the product itself can form images of all shapes and sizes and decorate any type of surface. Due to the fact that the resin is easy (requires approx. 1 kg per 1 square meter of area), the product can be used on any type of surface, inside or outside, and on any type of material (even polystirene), and this allows specialists: architects or designers to have a large freedom in the creation of design and fewer restrictions in their creativity.

It is an easy material, built to withstand the wear or damage in time (image is peppered with resin) and thus the plates of the Mosaic Digital are resistant to atmospheric agents, being water resistant and flame retardants (it resists at high temperatures).

The production process of the digital mosaic allows architects and designers to give free rein to their imagination, exceeding any restriction imposed by the classic mosaic without jeopardizing the final image which is to be carried out. If the traditional mosaic limited the creativity of designers because of the materials which it was made, through the new digital mosaic the designer itself becomes an artist and may choose any image to be achieved.

The procedure actually begins with the choice of the image which is desired to be achieved, and then it is processed on the computer and through a special software it is calculated the number of required plates to cover the area for the final image.

The image is then constructed and peppered with resin. Each ceramic plate from the image is numbered in such a way as to ease the work of the one who placed the image, in order to be able to use exactly the correct position of the plates in a way that is very simple.

The evolution of digital mosaic means in addition to the special material and freedom in design, innovation in the choice of forms.

Unlike traditional mosaic which limited the form of the ceramic plates, digital mosaic may take any form, regular or non-regular (rectangular, round, curve, etc.) or even nested forms. The consistency of the resin can be more hard or soft depending on how it is desirable for the finished product. Also, the plates of the mosaic may be enriched with extra elements such as: Swarovsky stones , coffee beans, sand, grains of wheat, gold or any other material, so designers creativity can be without limits depending on the type of design that is wanted to be produced, or the demand of the stylistic likeness of the customer.

Due to the fact that the used material is easy and practic, the cost of logistics is small, so digital mosaic can be delivered straight home to the customer by courier and does not require a storage space. Its application is easily through the tension on the desired surface and application of an adhesive, without the need for a specialist. In order to facilitate its application each plate is and numbered.

Thanks to the property which has to ductilitate (the property to deform without breaks), digital mosaic can easy perfectly fit to any textures and any surfaces (corners, curves, uneven surfaces, etc.), where the traditional mosaic required comprehensive procedures, and the final result depended on how specialist was the person who applies it.

Digital mosaic simplifies the maintenance work. Even if a piece is damaged and needs to be repaired it is not necessary to carry out operations on the entire work, but only on the damaged portion that can be reproduced and replaced easily without that the image to suffer changes compared to the original image.

The design, creativity and space became principal benefits of the product, not only because of the reproduction with accuracy of images but also the fact that you can choose any surface, form, distance and content.

The only one restriction remains the designers and architects imagination, so the work which is completed to represent an explosion of creativity and imagination in which to arouse a work carried out in a way that is unique and personal, suitable for customer`s needs and the personality of each of them.


Digital mosaic revolutionize the interior design

As other features, we can mention:

-Limitless possibilities for the reproduction of any type of image or photo, all the colors, forms or sizes; the image is created on 2×2 cm resin plates.

-Does not restrict the architects and designers creativity, or customer requests regarding the chosen characteristics: color, shape, size or even content (Swarowsky, stones, minerals, etc.).

-The simple application of the product on any surface, even in very slight structures such as: ceilings or internal structures of the rescue boats.

Digital mosaic means the fruit of the experience developed by the 2 members of the PEPE & CON COMPANY along the 10 years of activity in the processing field of resin and digital print cameras. By the union of these two innovative techniques, was created digital mosaic which produces a mosaic of all sizes, printed on separate sheets of resin. The resin are then inserted forming the final image that can be achieved in internal surfaces of buildings or on the outer surfaces.

The procedure starts with the creation of the image using a special soft which calculates the amount of the plates or sheets of resin needed to cover the measured surface requested by the customer. Then the picture is printed by a special equipment.

Another features:

-light material which can be applied on any type of surface even on the false walls;

-easy way to apply;

-personalizare nelimitata in functie de imaginea ce se doreste a fi reprodusa, indiferent de marime, proiect, culoare, idee creativa, forma regulata sau neregulata, suprafata interioara sau exterioara;

-unlimited customisation according to the image which is wanted to be reproduced, regardless of size, project, color, creative idea, regular or non-regular shape, inner or outer surface.

Features for external application:

-resistance to water and humidity; it does not deteriorate to atmospheric agents (UV rays do not alter the color).

Physical characteristics :

Thickness: 2/3 mm

Weight: 1200 gr/square meter

Thickness and shape: biconvex boundary

Certifications: ISO 3795


Technical specifications:

Composition: resin

Density: variable

Elasticity: variable


The price varies depending on the mold used in the creation of plates (regular or irregular forms).

Delivery time:

Approximately 20 days from the confirmation of the command.